Proposal for Creative Contribution to Digital Humanities Seminar Course


Macon Progress, or, Over View
Macon Progress
My project explores the use of location services to provide a rich, interactive, multimedia example of the five elements we chose as defining Digital Humanities. In addition to many digital components, the “real life” physical world will also serve as a medium.


  • Transportation around Macon and its surrounding areas.
  • A camera
  • A account and/or a account – both of which are free
  • A GPS-enabled device
  • Optionally, a Wherigo cartridge compatible device
  • A computer or other device with internet access and browser which has javascript enabled
  • A QR Code decoder
  • A sense of adventure!

The Historic Macon Foundation created a Macon: Now and Then exhibit which contains contrasting images over the span of time of nearly two dozen properties. The project will contain virtual and physical geocaches on or near as many of these properties as possible. Accompanying these geocaches will be a Wherigo cartridge containing content such as a puzzle, story, virtual tour, and so forth; there is little limit on what can be done.

The geocaches will either contain or consist of QR Codes which lead to pertinent webpages which contain additional elements such as story fragments, images, sounds, and so on. At a minimum, the page will contain basic information regarding the property.

The project will exemplify the five elements defining Digital Humanities through the following methods:

    Five elements defining Digital Humanities

  • Knowledge Construction
    • The amorphous digital information will be kept online using at least a few different websites.
    • Physical geocaches will also contain knowledge.
  • Multi-dimensional
    • Multi-modal: Uses several different media and modes to impart knowledge and increase interest
    • Interactivity between different media
    • One medium depends on at least one more medium
  • Participatory
    • Highly interactive in both physical and digital realms
    • Greater value is given to the participant by his or her investments made while participating
  • Decentralized / Dehierarchicalization
    • The project uses a number of different websites; many of which are not related to others.
    • Reliance on physicality forces decentralization
    • May utilize dehierarchicalization: beginning and end points are less meaningful, especially beginning points. Participants may follow different paths.
  • Curation
    • The properties and photos have already been curated.
    • The projects contents will be curated by me, and hopefully someone with professional, expert curation skills will adopt the project.
  • This project has the capability of evolving into a complex educational, historical, and entertaining tool. It is my sincere hope that the Historic Macon Foundation or other organization can assume control over the project and further its usefulness and value. As it stands now, however, it is designed to serve as an example of Digital Humanities and traditional Humanities.

    Macon: Then and Now exhibit
    Macon: Then and Now exhibit