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I earned a graduate degree in New Media and Communication from Middle Georgia State University in Macon, Georgia, and I am working toward my Master’s degree in Management of Information Systems at Georgia College and State University.

Visual Arts – particularly photography and videography – are my favorite methods of communication and expression, especially when matched with evocative music. The outdoors and nature are favorite photo subjects, as well as capturing fleeting moments which reveal the feeling of those photographed.

I am also involved with the local “maker scene”, and a member of the local makerspace, SparkMacon. I am learning and applying IoT, or the “Internet of Things”, as well as forward-looking technologies such as custom additive manufacturing. A fascinating interest is combining all of these into geo-location activities such as Geocaching and tour creation.

As a former I.T. consultant, I am highly familiar with hardware and software used in today’s technology-driven business world. The methods of communication is growing faster than traditional media can cope, and is going in directions even experts cannot adequately predict.

I have the background and the experience to see upcoming technologies and usage patterns, and to plan for them accordingly. Coupled with his ability to quickly adapt and benefit from these new systems gives his clients the edge over their competitors.

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